I'm extremely grateful you've joined me as I share these ideas for a better world. I greatly appreciate your time and energy, and hope you can find time to give helpful feedback or contributions.

I'm working on the much more comprehensive next version of this book in the repository's book:next folder. The work in that directory is very rough and ongoing. I intend to revisit this book often, and trust it will evolve far beyond my imagination.

I hope you'll join me in this shared endeavor, and that together we can make our world just and properous for all.

Table of Contents

In Defense of Pure Logic
Persistent Voting
Quadratic Range Voting
Persistent Documents
Persistent Prioritization
Persistent Endorsement
Persistent Commitments
Persistent Funding
A Theory of Minimum Necessary Rights
Markets and Rights
Common Resource Taxes
The Crowdsell Mechanism and Intellectual Property
Democratic Districts
Free Borders
Persistent Logistics
Democratic Adjudication
Misinformation Trials
Member Cooperatives and Economic Activism
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